Kim Hurley, center, with members of her care team

By Kim Hurley


My name is Kim Hurley. This is my story of an illness that I thought I would never successfully overcome.


One sunny afternoon in November 2017, my right foot started having an intense pain, along with seeping a dark liquid. With a history of diabetes and losing a few toes, I felt it necessary to call the squad.


I spoke with the EMTs for a few minutes, entered the squad and then woke up one month later. In total, it was a two-month hospital stay treating a severe wound on the right foot that was nearly 3 inches long and so deep it was near the bone. In addition, my lungs had filled up with fluid, causing me to be put in a silver cylinder to break up the edema that had built up. The final part of this stay: an amputation below the left knee.


My story truly begins at Mayfair Village [Nursing Care Center in Columbus, Ohio]. Mayfair is a nursing center and rehabilitation center. I entered the center in January 2018 flat on my back. The only part of my body I could lift was my head.


The first morning of my stay, bright and early, Stephanie [Dowell, occupational therapist] said, “Are you ready to get to work?”


I was shocked! I couldn’t believe we were starting already! It was a long rehab for me because I kept having illnesses pop up in between therapy. We would start right back up as soon as we got the OK (from the doctor). I had to learn to sit up in my bed, the transfer to a bedside commode and a wheelchair. Finally I was fitted for a prosthesis, and the road to walking began!


Mayfair has an occupational therapy department where upper body strength is built up day by day by lifting weights with exercise moves and bands. [Therapists] also teach patients to do house chores at a wheelchair level, such as baking, washing dishes, using the washer/dryer, vacuuming and mopping.


Physical therapy works with lower-body strength. Of course, everyone goes to therapy for different reasons, but everyone leaves Mayfair stronger no matter what. PT taught me to virtually stand on one leg after being a person who could only lift her head.


Mayfair also offers long-term care. Patients who will live here indefinitely but will still receive some therapy and the finest care.


Aside from the therapy department, who had to put me back together, are the wonderful nurses and caring aides. These people go above and beyond their jobs to make sure you are both medically and comfortably taken care of. I have come to know them as family, and I plan on seeing them for a very long time.


If you ever have an unfortunate event happen, or a family member who needs care, please think of Mayfair Village. Call them any time at 614-889-6320 and schedule a visit to see the facility.


After a nine-month stay, I’m going home! I rolled into Mayfair Village, and today I am walking out!